(A Quiz) About

Founded in 2019, A Quiz About strives to be the leading provider of Quizzes on the world wide web. We might not have the highest amount of Quizzes available, but ours are for sure the most fun :-). Our goal? Entertain you with the most fun Trivia Quizzes online!

A Quiz About has hundreths of quizzes on various topics, under which (but not limited to): movies, games, animals, entertainment, gossip and other fun topics. Our Quizzes are fully responsive and can be played on your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile devices. We have Quizzes in multiple languages and content dedicated to your geographical location. We know what topics interest you!

A Quiz About was founded by Trivia Quiz enthousiasts whom like to share their Trivia addiction with the world. Our Quizzes are intended for entertainment purposes only. Go ahead and play our Quizzes today.

Do you have a topic that you’d like to see a Quiz on? Let us know and we’ll get that live.

The Big Quiz

The Quizzes available:

Personality Quiz

This type of Quiz is a fun way of finding out who you really are. For instance ‘Which Super Hero are You?”? Are you Spiderman? Are you The Hulk? Find it out by playing the Super Hero Quiz. Of course there are various types of Quizzes that you can find on our site and this is just an example of how this works.

Trivia Quiz

There can be only one winner… The Trivia Quizzes are competitive Quizzes where you have to achieve a 100% score. Do you want to challenge your friends? Do you want to show off how great your knowledge is about a certain topic? Find it out and play one of our Trivia Quizzes.

Swiper Quiz

Do you swipe left or right? These Quizzes are Tinder-style ‘hot or not’ kind of Quizzes on various topic. This can be the classic hot or not minigame, but our Swiper Quizzes have various ways to interact with you. Do you like this drink (e.g. a can of Coke is shown)? Etc. etc.

Flip style Quiz

In the flip style Quizzes it is all about knowledge. The answers to the Question will be shown once you flip the card. In fact, you can not even choose an answer on these Quizzes! You basically read the question, and think of the possible answer in your head. Once you flip the card, you will see the right answer. You need to control yourself in order not to flip the card too soon!

List Quiz

List Quizzes are kind of the same as Trivia Quizzes. The only sweet thing about the list Quizzes, is that you can actually skip questions and go back to previous questions as well. So if you made a mistake in the past and want to correct it later on, you can simply scroll back to the previous question and change your answer. A lot more forgiving then a classic Trivia Quiz!

Start with a single Quiz today and we are sure you’ll make another one tomorrow!