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Movie, film, motion picture. Different names for a visual art-form used to simulate experiences to an audience. The first movie ever recorded was in 1887 by Eadweard Muybridge, although this was just a shot of a man riding a horse. Movies, as we know them today, are completely different and way more advanced than back in the days. We are able to make movies about everything; war movies, science fiction movies, westerns, comedies, you name it.

Hollywood is known as the most important place where movies are being produced. The movie industry in Los Angeles, California is known as the oldest national film industry in the United States worth over 100 billion dollars each year! All the major movie companies are based there, companies like Disney, Warner Bros, Universal and Sony. 

Disney is known as the biggest movie company in the world with a staggering 7 billion revenue each year! Everyone in the world has watched at least one Disney movie in their lifetime, that’s how big the multinational is nowadays. The company was founded by Walt Disney almost a decade ago, in 1923 in Kansas City, Missouri. Walt Disney was an animator who created a short film titled 'Alice’s Wonderland' with the plan to distribute it for 1.500$ and look where the Disney company is nowadays...

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