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Do we have some Apex Legends fans here? Then you're in a right place! Apex Legends is a first-person shooter battle royale game released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Apex Legends was released by Electronic Arts without any marketing and with no special announcements, the game was released out of the blue on February 4, 2019. Due to this stunt from the American video game company, Apex Legends became very popular worldwide rapidly. Within eight hours the game surpassed one million unique players and within 24 hours over two and half million people were playing the new battle royale game!


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Did you know that Apex Legends was the highest-earning free-to-play game during the month it was launched, with a whopping 92 million dollars in revenue?

Besides the millions of players that love Apex Legends, the game also won multiple awards since it was released. Apex Legends has won Best Multiplayer Game in The Game Awards 2019 and the 16th British Academy Games Awards. These awards were given due to the non-verbal communication system in the game, known as the ‘’ping system’’, which was widely praised by the reviewers.

During the Apex Legends Global Series on December 2-19, a total prize pool of 3 million dollars was divided between Apex Legend players who could qualify for the final tournament through Online Tournaments. 

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