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We all love cats, but how much do we actually know about our furry little friends? It is the time to find out how much you actually know about your cat with our 20-question Cat-Quiz!


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When we talk about cats we usually talk about domestic cats, the ones owned by us, humans. The first domesticated cat lived around 7500 BC in the Near East, the area around Egypt. Since then more and more people started to keep cats as pets due to their valued companionship and their ability to hunt rodents such as mice and rats. As of 2017, cats were the second-most popular pets in the United States. There are more than a 95million domestic cats in the states!

There are three different types of domesticated cats; a house cat, a farm cat, and a feral cat. A house cat is a cat that lives inside a house and never gets to go outside, their territory is the house. A farm cat is a cat that lives inside as well as outside. They can live inside the house but are allowed to go outside and wander around the neighborhood. Third, the feral cat is a domesticated cat that lives completely outside and is not owned by a human being. They are completely independent, shy, and avoid any contact with human beings. They are known to be quite aggressive if bothered on their own territory. 

Besides these three types of domesticated cats, there are also about 60 other cat breeds both domesticated as undomesticated. The worldwide population of all these different breeds exceeds 500 million cats!

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