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Formula 1

You're never too busy for a Formula One Quiz! Formula One is the highest class of international car racing competitions in the world. During a season that consists of a series of races around the world, 20 drivers from 10 different teams compete to win The World Drivers’ Championship. In every race the first 10 drivers to finish collect points for The World Drivers’ Championship where the winner is the one with the most points. After a whole season of the race around the world the driver who collected the most points will be nominated as the World Champion. Currently, Michael Schumacher is the record-holder with a staggering seven World Championships. However, Lewis Hamilton is just behind him with six World Championships and counting!


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A race in Formula One is called a Grands Prix which is French for ‘’grand prizes’’ or ‘’great prizes’’. Formula One was created right after The Second World in 1947, with the first Grand Prix to be held in Turin. The first world championship race took place at the famous circuit of Silverstone in Great Britain. 

Since then a lot has changed in Formula One. The speed of the race cars has been increasing throughout the seventy years that Formula One has been going on. Nowadays the fastest speeds are around 370 km/h (230 mph)! Although cars got faster over the years Formula One also gets safer every year. Unfortunately, the sport will never be risk-free, but accidents with deadly outcomes are becoming rarer and rarer.

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