Saturday 25th of September 2021 | | Europe


Europe! Dream holiday destination and home for millions of people. Europe is a continent full of different cultures, languages, and other characteristics that make it so special! But how about all these countries, can you actually name them by the shape of their maps? Do you remember the capitals? What currency do they use in Poland? Tricky, right?!


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It is time to find out if you slept through your school geography lessons. To make you feel better, there are quite many countries in Europe and not even all the Europeans remember all the basic facts about them. This is not gonna be the easiest quiz so prepare to really challenge your brain!


Don't worry if you won't get the best possible score on the first try, you can do the quiz as many times as you want to. Make sure your score is good enough before you dare to share it with your friends. ;-)


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Unsplash - Adam Wilson
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