Saturday 25th of September 2021 | | Horseback riding

Horseback riding

Do you like horses? Then this is a quiz for you! The popularity of horseback riding as a hobby has been increasing a lot during the last years. You can pick your favorite from multiple different horseback riding styles, and even the different horse breeds bring their own spice to the hobby. You can stroll around nature with small and strong Icelandic horses and enjoy their breed-specific gaits, or you can compete in show jumping with a spicy Hanoverian. There is something for everyone!


Most of the people seem to even be a bit afraid of these huge animals. Even if they might sometimes be a bit unpredictable, some people just become almost addicted to horseback riding and spending time on the stables. 

Horses are great but it needs a lot of specific knowledge to be able to take care of one. Even though they are large animals they are surprisingly sensitive and shy in many ways. Do you think you know a lot about horses? We are about to find that out!


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