Saturday 25th of September 2021 | | Minecraft


Attention Minecraft fans, get ready for an ultimate 20-question Minecraft quiz! Passing this one really means you know the game. Minecraft is not the newest game on the field, but it has remained in the top lists for years. The reason for the fame is simply that it is an extremely addictive and fun game!



Minecraft is a so-called sandbox video game. A sandbox game is a form of gaming where the player is not really guided to do certain tasks, but it gives the player a great degree of creativity to complete missions towards a goal within the game. The player can basically decide the pace and the order. Minecraft takes place in a massive blocky 3D world. But don't let the simple-looking graphics distract you! Minecraft is a complex game with multiple different interesting dimensions. It actually is the best-selling video game of all time with more than 126 million monthly users, which really tells something.


Games are often developed for years before they get published. Minecraft was published after one week of development, and it's been slowly updated since that. But now, enough with the Minecraft facts, let's do the quiz! 

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