Thursday 9th of December 2021 | | James Bond

James Bond

Everyone knows James Bond! One after another James Bond films have reached extreme popularity, and people all over the world love them. But how well do you actually know this popular character and all his unforgettable villains? It's time to find that out!



So far six different actors have each successfully brought their own interesting characteristics into James Bond's persona, by still keeping alive the original idea of this smart and inventful character. Current James Bond, Daniel Craig has announced that the next Bond movie No Time to Die (2021), will be his hast one. There has been speculation on who the next Bond actor will be, but so far they have only been wild guesses! 


So far an impressive amount of 26 different Bond movies have been published. That includes a lot of unforgettable fights and twists, do you think you remember them well? Click “Start quiz" to proceed!

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