Sunday 24th of October 2021 | | Can you guess the movie just from the quote?

Can you guess the movie just from the quote?

Who wouldn't enjoy watching movies sometimes! For some people watching films is just another form of rest, but real movie geeks don't miss one single scene. Even minor details can sometimes make a huge impact, and focusing on things such as styling, aesthetics or cinematography can bring very exciting new dimensions to the movie experience. However, in this quiz, listening to what the actors actually say is the key to success. Even the laziest couch potato will probably be able to identify a movie or two, but to be able to actually score well you need to know your movies! 



Each question will consist of a famous quote from some well-known movies, and you will get four options to choose from. Some of these are such earworms it is surprising (or you're just very lucky) if you haven't heard them before. Anyhow you will definitely struggle with some of them. Good luck!

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